Ever Afters

The Afters Brothers are Cursed.

Ever Afters Farm and Orchards houses a dark secret. In the Appalachian countryside of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, four shapeshifting brothers struggle to overcome a curse that forces them—and their grizzly counterparts—into seasonal hibernations. Only the magic of a true mating bond can sever the curse’s stronghold.

Will the brothers find and claim their fated mates before the end of their final seasons? Or will the mysteries surrounding the history of the Afters sleuth stand in the way?

This suspenseful, heartwarming paranormal saga is intended for mature audiences.

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Book #2.5: Harvest Spirits

Book #3: Shades of Autumn

Book #3.5: The Longest Winter

Book #4: Dead of Winter

Book #5: Endless Equinox

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